Freedom Dance with Andrew Nemr

Event date 20 Aug 09:00 - 17:00
Event location Centro de Corrección y Rehabilitación Najayo • Carretera Najayo Arriba, Najayo, Dominican Republic

Andrew Nemr, world renowned tap dancer and founder of the Tap Legacy Foundation, will join our Civil Innovation Lab team in an open exercise of exchange, mutual discovery and learning with inmates at the women and men correctional centers at Najayo, 30 min. outside Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Both correctional centers are part of the New Model of Penitentiary Management which currently manages 19 of the more than 30 correctional centers in the Dominican Republic. The rest of the centers is operated by either the National Army or the National Police. The "New Model" puts specially trained and skilled civilians in charge of the correctional centers, does not allow overpopulation and focuses on the rehabilitation and growth of the inmates with educational, professional and technical programs, including high school completion, college degrees in Law and in Psychology, as well as informatics, entrepreneurship and craft making courses and initiatives.

Andrew will share his experiences around the world as a tap dancer, as a cultural entrepreneur, as an immigrant, as an outlier, his drive to preserve the legacy work of tap dancers before him and his commitment to bring tap dancing to new and young audiences. He will perform for the residents of the correctional center, and they will learn the basics of tap dancing with Andrew and perform with him by the end of the session. In addition, the resident group of folk dancing will perform for Andrew and share the moves and techniques of traditional Dominican dances.

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