5 hour Express Computer Coding Course for Kids


Hour 1: Introduction

  • What is computer science? What do we do with it?

    • Website Design

      • Many people make their own websites!

    • Robotics

      • Robot Battles

      • Big Hero 6

    • Cybersecurity

    • The Space Program

      • NASA

    • 3D Printing

    • Virtual Reality

    • Video Games

    • Computer Science and Other Fields

      • Art

      • Business

      • Biology

      • Math

      • Writing

      • Film

  • Computer Science and You

    • Your goals in this class, what you want to learn

  • What is code?

    • Class Activity

      • Get Ready For The Morning

        • Get up

        • Turn off your alarm

        • Brush your teeth

        • Eat breakfast

        • Etc.

      • Your brain is a powerful computer. A real computer has to have all these steps outlined perfectly.

        • Get Up

          • Open eyes.

          • Raise upper body to a vertical position.

          • Take off blankets.

          • Swing off bed.

          • Etc.

      • Get Ready for the Morning and Get Up are both functions

        • Functions and Library Definition

        • code.org activity (zombie game)

Hour 2: Lightbot

  • Lightbot is a programming game like code.org, but more interactive.

  • Make an account and get started!

  • Try to make a square using the pen!

    • You made a square function using the pen function!

  • Find some more functions with Lightbot!

Hour 3: Coding

  • Go through the code.org lessons and look at the code.

  • This code consists of a set of memorized functions (libraries) and variables (stored values)

  • Variables Roy G. Biv Game

    • Acronyms are variables for you!

  • Start on codeacademy Javascript lessons to learn more about variables and functions!

Hours 4 and 5: Lightbot and Coding*

  • If we receive this time, I would like to extend both of these sessions to include more Lightbot games and more codeacademy lessons, since one hour each is too little time to cover all the material within.

This is a work in progress that continues to evolve. The latest version is a Google Docs document updated regularly: Click here to review it .

Comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. Use the comment section below or use the Contact form to send them.

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