Capacity Building

Civil Capacity Building

our training programs around the world

For over 15 years, we've been conducting workshops, conferences, talks, panels and other capacity building activities around the world, from South America, Latin America and the Caribbean to USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our practical hands-on approach is complemented with an open participation format where stakeholders and participants add value and relevancy to the learning process by actively sharing their experiences and expressing their points of views, perspectives and interests.

Past Activities

  • Training of migrants on the use of technology, social media and digital tools for an active Digital Society citizenship.
  • Videogame Creation and Software Coding workshop for homeless kids.
  • Relief 2.0 Workshops and Conferences.
  • Social Innovation and Computer Camp for Vulnerable Youth 2016, 2015.
  • Creativity and Video Games Creation Summer Camp for Vulnerable Youth Summer Camp.
  • Resilience Innovation Workshop.
  • e-Government workshops.
  • Tech for Social Innovation and Impact for Civil Society Organizations.
  • Social Entrepreneurship for Civil Society Organizations.
  • Innovative and Social Funding for Civil Society Organizations.
  • Social Impact, Innovation in Education and Environmental workshops at remote communities in rural Argentina, Bolivia (Andes mountains, Amazon basin and swamp lands) and metropolitan communities in Chile. (2007)
  • and more ...