Unleash 2018 #UNLEASHLab2018

Robin Low • 14 June 2018


Unleash is a program where 1,000 talents from all over the world came together to create real, scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In 2018, it was held in Singapore. The talents goes through a facilitated process of innovation, uniquely tailored by UNLEASH and Deloitte. They form teams and work together on various solutions to solve the SDGs.


There is a very interesting approach brought by Unleash. 


Here are a few things which I like about Unleash 2018.


1) Very Structured Program.

The program has a very detailed playbook on how to:

a) Form Teams.

b) Create Journey Map

c) Frame the Problem

d) Brainstorm Solution

e) Prototype

f) Test

g) Implementation


2) There is also a "Gate" structure built in to allow facilitators and experts to validate the different phases of the teams. I like this way of validation as it is easy to have the wrong problem or solution when there is lack of experience. Validation is a good way to move between phases so the teams can get feedback and iterate for better insights and understanding.


3) Diversity.

1000 people, 130 countries? Many different cultures and experience coming together is a good way of getting some innovative ideas.


Overall, I feel that there needs to be some tweaks in the program. 


Some of the experts do not have the right domain knowledge to advice. Especially in a country like Singapore. It is hard to find people that understands frugal innovation or understand the plight of refugees, in a country that does not receive any refugees.


Without good experts, the talents may have a badly framed problem which will result in a poorly conceived solution which no one can properly validate.


I don't think the facilitators should be "nice" during gate to push people through, but rather, they should give critical comments to allow the talents better insight of the problem.


Overall, a great program, hope to see more follow ups and solutions making impact!


--  Robin Low


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